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Code Red is the is the emergency notification provider for the county.

It's simple and quick to enroll!

Also, see the Frequently Asked Questions.

Click on the direct links below

Milam County - https://public.coderedweb.com/CNE/BF8E1E50D445

and follow the simple steps:

1.  Contact Information

2.  Contact Address and Communication Methods

3.  Phones – Be sure to include area code and full telephone number. To receive text messages, you must click the “Send text messages” box below and select your mobile provider.

  • Via drop-down, select your provider. If your provider is not listed, select “Other.”
  • Check the box for “General Notifications” if you wish to receive. Please note: Emergency Notifications cannot be opted out – the jurisdiction will determine what constitutes an emergency and issue notifications accordingly.
  • Check the box(es) to receive optional weather notifications.
  • You may register more than one phone number by clicking “+Add phone.”

4.  Emails – (Optional) to receive emails, click “+Add email” and enter your email address. Again you will be asked to select the types of alerts and optional weather warnings you wish to receive via email.

5.  Additional Notifications – These can’t be selected until you verify information and then create a Managed Account.

6.  Terms and Conditions – You must check the box to continue.

7.  Verify Information – Press button to verify your information.

8.  Managed Account – Once verified, you will be asked to create a managed account. You must create a managed account so you can modify/update your settings and personal contact information.

  • To create a managed account, click the button next to “Yes” and hit “Continue.” You will be asked to create a Username and password. Please be sure to record this information for later use.
  • Once you press “Continue” you will be redirected to a summary page of the information you entered. Here you can confirm your information is correct and use a map feature to precisely pinpoint your physical address on the map for further accuracy. (Note: the map zooms in and out to help you locate your location to pin.)
  • At the bottom of the screen, you can hit “Back (to go back a screen and correct your information or hit “Continue.”

9.  Confirmation Screen – Once done, you will receive a confirmation notice. It contains Caller ID numbers to be added to your phone contact list, along with information regarding the CodeRED Mobile Alert App.

  • Caller ID – Add the numbers listed to your phone’s contact list.
  •  CodeRED Mobile Alert App – Download the FREE App to receive safety notifications as you travel and stay informed.